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Welcome to Horn Observer – A trusted source of news and Information from Somalia and around the horn of Africa.

Horn Observer is an independent, non-for-profit news portal covering the Horn of Africa and the world, focusing on Somalia and the Horn of Africa –.


Through our volunteer reporters and contributors, we aim to provide our audience ethically accepted in-depth news, and analysis in Somalia and around the Horn as they happen and by breaking news stories.

Headquartered in Mogadishu, Somalia, the organization felt slow in reporting the Horn of Africa with the aim of uncovering the unreported news stories, amid terrorism, droughts, unemployment, low human rights and press freedom engulfed the region. In addition, especial consideration will be given promoting peace, humanitarian reporting, Human Rights, terrorism and social cohesion.


In line with our Editorial and professional ethics, we are committed to publishing truth, respect individual privacy, culture and social values. Similarly, we negate to promote any sort of violence or intolerance.

Your ideas matter;  Horn observer is a platform for intellectuals, educators and intelligent minded people and therefore should you be willing to share with us ideas, comments, please address your correspondences: info@hornobserver.net or hornobserver@gmail.com

Horn Observer is run by a dedicated and professional team of Somali and African Journalists. Launched in August 2015 to offer credible and trusted source of information to its audience, as it strives to bring quality news and ethically accepted reporting to bring balance.

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