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Somalia: Weeklong talks in Garowe fail to bring consensus as leaders depart

Somalia Federal and regional leaders have failed to reach consensus ending the political rift after a weeklong talks in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland, Jubbaland and Galmudug leaders stated.

The talks started on Saturday last week ended on late Thursday after the leaders from both levels of government failed to agree on substantial components of the talks, sources said as cited by Horn Globe News.

Attempts by Puntland president, Said Abdullahi Deni to resume talks ended in futile on Friday.

The term of Galmudug leader Ahmed Duale Gelle, and the upcoming election of Jubbaland was the core issues that led the talks hit a deadlock.

Early Saturday, Jubbaland’s Ahmed Madobe departed to Kismayo. Galmudug’s Gelle also left Garowe.

By mid-Saturday, Prime Minister Hassan Khaire took his flight to Mogadishu.

Both of them officially declared the collapse of the talks. Both blamed the Federal Government leaders: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire were responsible for the talks to crumble.

Shortly before his departure, the Galmudug leader expressed his concern that the talks did not bring fruitful outcome for the interest of the Somali people.

“I am sorry that the talks ended in a way that was not good for the country and the people,” he told reporters.

Heated argument
“Galmudug maintained the term of the current administration is still alive for the next three years, the Federal Government argued for a minimum one year extension,” a senior Puntland official said as reported by Horn Globe News.

The argument between the sides even reached a heated argument after gunfire reported took place at Kismayo Airport between Ahmed Madobe’s security forces and Abdinasir Serar, a Jubbaland presidential candidate.

Madobe, at the Garowe conference condemned the gunfight as he blamed the Federal President Farmajo was fueling insecurity in Kismayo.

In a statement from Kismayo on Saturday, Ahmed Madobe accused the leaders of the Federal Government was trying to hijack the 2020/2021 elections without consulting with the regional states.

“The type of election of Somalia is not like holding a tailor and making one’s own clothes. It is a process that needs wider consultation,” he said.

“The meeting we convened on May 5th, I can declare that we have reached no results and everyone of us left separately,” Ahmed Madobe adds “We have not even agreed to convene once again.”

Somalia expects presidential and parliamentary elections late next year and the faltering of the talks leaves a lot of issues unaddressed plus the deepened mistrust between the regional leaders and the Mogadishu-based government.

Horn Globe News contributed reporting

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