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LAS ANOD Friday May 17, 2019 (PRESS STATEMENT) Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) is releived to learn that Somaliland authorities has on Friday allowed journalist Abdirahman Keyse Tungub of Bulsho TV to see a doctor, friends and family, nearly a week  of suffering from police gunshot on his leg while behind bars without charges. The Commander […]
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ALERT LAS’ANOD, May 16, 2019 Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) is shocked to learn that Somaliland police in Las’anod have shot and injured Abdirahman Keyse Tungub, correspondent for the Hargeisa-based privately-owned independent Bulsho TV on Monday May 13, 2019, his colleagues and eyewitnesses said. The police followed the journalist who was with friends in the downtown
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Beira/Nairobi/Geneva, 14 April 2019 – One month after the worst disaster in Mozambique’s recent history, signs of recovery are beginning to emerge as people return home and as the deadly cholera outbreak appears to be starting to abate. However, hundreds of thousands of people need sustained support over the coming months if recovery is to […]